• Aggairia I

  • Status: Completed

  • Location: Paros / Cyclades

  • Type: Summer houses

The plot is located in Psilafi Agkairia, on the south of the island and stretches at the sight of a gentle slope. A summer complex of the houses develops to adapt to the surrounding landscape. The design of walls that make up the two buildings are radial so that there is a slight shift of volume from one another, like shots through the camera lens. Particular attention was paid to adapt the building to the geomorphology of the ground, avoiding major changes and filling the landscape. Important elements of the natural environment like woods in the back of the house and the big tree in the central courtyard emerged as a dominant architectural tools. We have avoided the large openings in order to maintain the sense of tectonic blocks, while the few openings have the form of apertures-frame in the view. A division of residence in smaller volumes, the tiered structure of handrails, chimney and stone benches create a sense of cubist sculpture composition, which is transformed during the day from the natural light.