• Public park in Gerakas- Athens

  • Status: Completed

  • Location: Gerakas / Athens

  • Type: Public Works

The park is located on the middle of a bicycle path in a suburban area of ​​Athens. The configurations and the lines of the park follow the tracks and bikeway paths of Cyclists. Differ from the tracings of the Planning web, this is done in order to emphasize the importance and presence of the Urban Park .
The bicycle enters the park and makes a roundabout in an interesting pattern. On the north side there are ramps for practicing, especially for BMX.
The lighting of the park is done with solar lights, The energy needed for all mechanical systems is produced by Renewable Energy (Solar and Wind).
Overall, the space is transformed into a park. This will create appropriate paths for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as sitting areas and adequate lighting for safety exercise after sunset.
There is also intense planting as well as a water element - tank creating another pleasant surprise in the path.